What Choke to Use for Squirrel Hunting?

In the quest for a successful squirrel hunt, choosing the right choke becomes a pivotal decision. Like a finely tailored suit, the choke tube must be perfectly suited to the task at hand.

This article dives deep into the world of squirrel hunting chokes, exploring the different types available and highlighting the advantages of Carlson’s Modified Choke Tube.

With expert advice and practical tips, this guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to select the ideal choke for your squirrel hunting endeavors.

Key Takeaways

  • Improved cylinder choke provides a wide spread pattern for close-range shots.
  • Modified choke offers a slightly tighter pattern for medium-range shots.
  • Full choke is recommended for longer range shots with maximum pellet concentration.
  • Consider specific hunting situation and shooting preferences when choosing a choke.

Types of Chokes for Squirrel Hunting

Types of Chokes for Squirrel Hunting

There are several types of chokes available for squirrel hunting, each designed to enhance the shooter’s accuracy and effectiveness.

One popular type is the improved cylinder choke, which provides a wide spread pattern and is ideal for close-range shots. This choke allows for quick target acquisition and is well-suited for hunting squirrels in thick brush or wooded areas.

Another option is the modified choke, which offers a slightly tighter pattern than the improved cylinder. This choke is effective for medium-range shots and provides a good balance between coverage and range.

For longer range shots, the full choke is recommended. It produces a tight pattern, ensuring maximum pellet concentration on target.

As we explore the best choke tubes for squirrel hunting, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of the hunting situation and personal shooting preferences.

Best Choke Tubes for Squirrel Hunting

When considering the best choke tubes for squirrel hunting, it is important to select a choke that complements the specific requirements of the hunting situation and personal shooting preferences.

For squirrel hunting, the ideal choke tube should provide a balance between shot density and spread. A modified choke is often recommended as it offers a versatile option for various shooting distances. It provides a moderate constriction, allowing for a good mix of shot density and pattern spread. This is crucial when hunting squirrels, as they are small and agile targets.

Additionally, a modified choke allows for better control and accuracy, ensuring clean kills. However, it is essential to test different chokes and loads to find the best combination that suits your shooting style and hunting environment.

Advantages of Carlson’s Modified Choke Tube

One advantage of Carlson’s Modified Choke Tube is its ability to provide optimal shot density and pattern spread for squirrel hunting. This particular choke tube is designed to offer a balance between tightness and openness, allowing for a wider shot pattern without sacrificing precision.

Squirrel hunting requires a delicate balance between accuracy and the need to cover a larger area, and the Carlson’s Modified Choke Tube excels in this regard. It ensures that pellets are distributed evenly across the pattern, increasing the probability of hitting a fast-moving target like a squirrel.

This choke tube is crafted with expertise and precision, delivering consistent performance in various hunting situations. Whether you are hunting in dense woods or open fields, the Carlson’s Modified Choke Tube guarantees a reliable and effective shot placement, making it an ideal choice for squirrel hunters seeking belonging and success in their hunting endeavors.

Selecting the Right Choke for Squirrel Hunting

Selecting the Right Choke for Squirrel Hunting

To select the appropriate choke for squirrel hunting, hunters must consider their desired shot pattern and the specific hunting conditions they will encounter. The choke determines the spread of the shot, which is crucial when targeting small and agile creatures like squirrels.

For squirrel hunting, a modified or improved cylinder choke is often recommended. These chokes provide a balanced shot pattern that is neither too tight nor too wide, increasing the chances of hitting the target accurately.

Additionally, hunters should consider the hunting terrain and distance at which they will be shooting. If hunting in dense forests or at shorter ranges, a more open choke might be suitable. On the other hand, if hunting in open fields or at longer distances, a tighter choke may be preferred for a denser shot pattern.

Ultimately, selecting the right choke for squirrel hunting requires understanding one’s shooting preferences and adapting to the hunting environment.

Tips for Using Chokes in Squirrel Hunting

To maximize the effectiveness of chokes in squirrel hunting, hunters should consider adjusting the choke according to the distance and terrain they will be encountering. Different chokes have different patterns, which affect the spread of pellets.

When hunting in dense woods or close-range situations, a more open choke, such as a cylinder or improved cylinder, is recommended. This allows for a wider pattern and a greater chance of hitting the target.

On the other hand, when hunting in open fields or longer distances, a tighter choke, such as a modified or full choke, is preferred. This concentrates the pattern, increasing the chances of a clean kill.

It is important to match the choke to the specific hunting scenario to ensure accurate and ethical shots. By adapting the choke to the conditions, hunters can optimize their chances of success in squirrel hunting.


What is the best shot for squirrel hunting?

The ideal shot size for hunting squirrels is a contentious issue. Some hunters opt for 7 1/2s to saturate the target, while others prefer #4s for complete penetration. Although 7 1/2s can effectively kill squirrels, they lose impact at longer distances compared to larger shot sizes.

Which choke is full choke?

This choke features a tight constriction, producing a dense pattern with around 70% of a shell’s pellets concentrated within a 30-inch circle at 40 yards. Ideal for trap shooting, waterfowl pass shooting, turkey hunting, and buckshot loads.

What size shot is best for rabbit hunting?

Selecting the appropriate pellet size is crucial for rabbit hunting. Optimal choices often include #5, #6, and #7 shot, as they provide sufficient power to the target while minimizing unnecessary damage to the animal. Non-toxic steel shot is a popular preference for rabbit hunting.


In conclusion, selecting the right choke for squirrel hunting is crucial for achieving successful and ethical kills. Among the various options available, Carlson’s Modified Choke Tube stands out for its excellent performance and versatility.

With its ability to provide a balanced pattern and effective range, it proves to be a reliable choice for squirrel hunters. Remember to consider the specific hunting conditions and adjust your choke accordingly for optimal results.

Happy hunting!

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