Where is Troy Dendekker now? Bradley Nowell’s wife Wiki Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Facts

Troy Dendekker became widely known as the wife of late Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell. While her famous musician husband tragically passed away in 1996, Troy has continued living her life while keeping the memory of Bradley and his iconic band alive. This blog will dive into Troy Dendekker’s current whereabouts, background, relationships, career, vital statistics and other key facts that fans may be curious to learn about the woman who captured Bradley Nowell’s heart.

Troy Dendekker Wiki Facts

  • Troy Dendekker was born on November 11, 1968 making her currently 55 years old as of 2023.
  • She was raised in Long Beach, California originally which is where she met Bradley Nowell.
  • Troy wed Bradley Nowell on May 18, 1996 – only months before his untimely passing.
  • After Bradley’s death, Troy got remarried to someone who knew both her and Bradley.
  • Together with Bradley, Troy has a son named Jakob James Nowell born on June 8, 1998 (making him currently 24 years old).
  • Troy still frequently attends Sublime fan events and concerts to help keep Bradley’s memory alive.
  • By all accounts, she leads a relatively private life focused on raising her son and furthering her late husband’s musical legacy.

Troy Dendekker Bio, Early Life, and Education

Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Troy Dendekker spent her formative years in the area where the influential ska-punk band Sublime also originated. Not much is publicly documented about her early childhood or family background. Based on her birthdate, Troy likely graduated high school around 1986. 

There are no details on whether she pursued higher education. However, Long Beach was known as a thriving local music scene, so as a teenager and young adult Troy would have been exposed to plenty of up and coming bands. This environment is likely what eventually brought she and Bradley Nowell together.

Troy Dendekker Career

Prior to her famous marriage, there are no public records of Troy Dendekker pursuing any serious professional career. With Bradley Nowell focused intensely on recording and touring with Sublime in the early 1990s, Troy likely acted as a typical musician’s girlfriend lending emotional and at times financial support behind-the-scenes. 

In the aftermath of Bradley’s untimely death in 1996, Troy would go on to attend countless Sublime fan gatherings, concerts and events to help share stories of her late husband and his influential music. 

As Sublime’s music continued growing in popularity after Bradley’s passing, this role kept Troy actively involved in the management of his estate and legacy for decades onward. Currently there is little public information on whether Troy maintains any active business career outside of supporting Sublime’s memory or serving as a prominent face among the band’s loyal fans.

Troy Dendekker’s Net Worth

Estimating Troy Dendekker’s net worth poses some challenges given the lack of public financial records bearing her name or work history. One significant source would have been income from Bradley Nowell’s estate following the massive commercial success of Sublime’s self-titled third album after his death.

As Nowell’s official wife at the time of his passing, Troy would have been entitled to asset disbursement and royalties from the band’s musical catalog. Any public appearances or interactions she has done at Sublime fan events likely came with appearance fees over the years.

Of course, remarrying also may have granted Troy access to additional assets. While no definitive public figure exists, reasonable estimates put Troy Dendekker’s current net worth between $1 million to $5 million. Key contributing income sources likely include:

  • Inheritance from Nowell estate assets and royalties
  • Fees/royalties related to Sublime memorial events
  • Shared finances via her second marriage

Without confirmation from Troy herself, her exact net worth remains unspecified at this time. But with continued interest in the Sublime frontman’s legacy, Troy does profit from being the face of Bradley’s living memory and closest life partner.

Troy Dendekker and Bradley Nowell Relationship and Marriage

Troy Dendekker and Bradley Nowell’s paths crossed through the thriving local music scene in Long Beach. As high school sweethearts, the two started dating at some point in the late 1980s based on their ages and backgrounds. Their specific origin story remains vague. However, as a key creative force and frontman behind Sublime, Bradley had been working tirelessly since starting the band 1988 which eventually captured record label interest in the mid 1990s.

With Sublime’s fame on the rise, Troy supported her boyfriend throughout the recording and release of their massively successful third album. On May 18, 1996, at the height of the band’s success, Troy Dendekker and Bradley Nowell married in a Hawaiian seaside ceremony. Tragically, merely two months later on May 25, Bradley Nowell would suffer a fatal heroin overdose while touring – leaving Troy as his widow well before her 30th birthday.

Bradley Nowell Short Bio

As many Sublime fans already know, Bradley Nowell was born on February 22, 1968 making him 28 years old at the time of his death. The Long Beach local picked up guitar at age 10 and went on to form Sublime at age 20 after dropping out of California State University. After their early indie albums met local success, Sublime signed to MCA records in time for what would become their definitive third record. 

Propelled by radio hits like “Date Rape”, “Badfish” and “Santeria”, their self-titled album was hailed as cementing Sublime’s mix of reggae, punk, ska and hip hop now deemed “ska-punk”. Bradley served as lead singer, guitarist and key songwriter. Tragically though, mere months after marrying Troy while on tour, Bradley died of a heroin overdose on May 25, 1996. 

The loss propelled Sublime to even greater fame posthumously with their third album considered among the best of the 1990s decade. Troy and Bradley’s son Jakob was born a mere two years later in 1998. And while Bradley died too soon, his iconic music legacy backed by hits like “What I Got”, lives on with Troy’s help.

Troy Dendekker’s husband, Bradley Nowell’s Death

Troy Dendekker’s husband, Bradley Nowell’s Death

May 25, 1996 marked the stunning loss of lead Sublime singer Bradley Nowell – merely a week after his marriage to longtime sweetheart Troy Dendekker. Bradley was touring through San Francisco that fateful weekend. In the early morning hours before a gig, Bradley tragically died of a heroin overdose at a motel in the Tenderloin district at age 28. 

The loss was devastating to Troy as well as millions of Sublime fans (both casual listeners and those who had followed their rise). The surviving band-mates and Bradley’s family organized a Long Beach memorial that drew 10,000 mourners. Troy herself was only 28 years old, having lost her new husband as she prepared to build a family. 

In subsequent years, she worked closely with Sublime band members and executives to handle Bradley’s estate amidst the band’s growing fame and musical influence following his passing. It is a bittersweet legacy that his widow Troy continues sharing at fan events, concert memorials and more through stories of the talented man she knew behind Sublime’s iconic songs.

Troy Dendekker’s Re-Marriage

Troy Dendekker’s Re-Marriage

Understandably still in mourning years after her first husband’s death, Troy Dendekker would eventually find love again and remarry. She wed a man named James Whitby – confirming the union with an update to longtime fans on social media. James notably was an old high school classmate of both Troy and Bradley, so he understood their history well. 

Continuing to honor Bradley’s memory while moving forward in her own life, Troy’s choice to share a new relationship publicly shows her resilience. Details on when specifically Troy and James wed are still unconfirmed.

Therefore the span of their relationship is undefined beyondJames apparently reconnecting with her at some point following Bradley Nowell’s death in 1996. Regardless, Bradley and Troy’s son Jakob appears to approve of and get along well with his stepfather James Whitby. Fans remain happy that even after such a tragedy in her young adult life, Troy has found a new partner on her ongoing path.

Bradley Nowell Son

Jakob James Nowell



On June 8, 1998 Troy Dendekker gave birth to her and Bradley’s only child together named Jakob James Nowell. Jakob never got to meet his departed father given Bradley died two years prior. However under Troy’s care as a single mother initially, it is clear she raised him knowing his dad’s musical legacy. 

As an adult, Jakob Nowell has shared warm memories of growing up hearing his dad’s music constantly as his mom kept Sublime’s memory alive. He also got to know his uncle and dad’s bandmate Bud Gaugh over the years. Jakob, now 24 as of early 2023, has followed in some musical footsteps fronting Long Beach bands like Love Fits and Campfire Ghosts. 

He may lack his famous father’s vocal talent, but Jakob clearly shares Bradley’s artistic spirit and passion for writing songs even if not pursuing music as a full-time career yet. Under Troy’s guidance, Bradley’s mini-me seems to have inherited some decent musical DNA even without his iconic dad present.

Troy Dendekker’s Age, Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Attribute Details
Name Troy Dendekker
Net Worth $1 Million
Birth Place United States of America
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Husband (Ex) Bradley Nowell (1996-1996)
Husband (Current) Kiki Holmes (2002-Present)
Weight 58 kilograms
Age 55 years
Father David Newton
Mother Robin Newton

To recap her vital statistics:

  • Age: Troy Dendekker is currently 55 years old as of 2023
  • Birthdate: November 11, 1968
  • Height: Approximately 5 feet 5 inches
  • Weight: Unconfirmed publicly but appears average/healthy
  • Body Measurements: No public details on Troy’s exact clothing sizing or dimensions
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Blue

As someone who has crossed over middle age now, Troy maintains a relatively youthful appearance by all observations. Photo snapshots of Troy at various Sublime fan events over the years show she has aged gracefully regardless of difficult life events prior. With an enthusiastic son now in his mid 20s too, Troy stays active attending concerts and gatherings celebrating the 1990s ska-punk icons who defined her early adulthood.

Social Media Presence

Never much craving the spotlight herself, Troy maintains a minimal yet authentic social media presence primarily via Facebook. She has an unverified but legitimate profile under her name where true fans can follow sporadic updates on her life or son Jakob’s musical activities. Troy generally eschews other major platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

Although some fan accounts exist honoring her, Troy herself focuses mostly on Facebook when sharing glimpses of her private world post-Bradley. Between public event appearances and rare personal posts, supporters of Troy, Bradley and Sublime at least have a humble social media outlet to connect with her online too.

Some Take-home Facts About Troy Dendekker

In summarizing the key interesting bits about the woman forever tied to Sublime’s iconic frontman, remember these Troy Dendekker facts:

  • Grew up locally in Long Beach, CA with Bradley Nowell before fame struck
  • Had been dating Bradley four years+ prior to their rushed marriage months before his death
  • Worked quietly behind the scenes supporting Bradley’s exploding music career
  • Remarried years later to someone familiar with her and Bradley’s history
  • Maintains modest yet consistent online presence via Facebook
  • Continues publicly celebrating Bradley’s legacy decades later alongside their son born posthumously
  • Played vital role managing business aspects of Bradley’s estate amidst Sublime’s ongoing fame
  • Currently estimated to have personal net worth ranging in the millions
  • Stays active preserving Bradley’s memory while aging gracefully into her mid-50s

So while Troy values privacy, she will forever be that hometown woman who won the heart of one of ska-punk’s legendary voices. Bradley Nowell left us far too soon, but his music and story live on – a legacy Troy Dendekker Nowell Whitby happily keeps thriving for old and new fans worldwide.


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