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Robert Benevides may not be a household name like his long-term partner Barry Diller, but his savvy investments and business success have made him extremely wealthy in his own right. As the founder of private equity firm Benev Capital, Robert has quietly amassed a fortune estimated at $400 million.

The 71-year-old magnate has been the domestic partner of famous media mogul Barry Diller since 2000. While Robert likes to avoid the spotlight and is very private about his personal affairs, there is still plenty to uncover about how this Brazilian entrepreneur partnered up with one of America’s richest men and built an immense net worth investing in the world’s leading media, internet, and telecommunications companies.

Robert Benevide: Quick Facts

Attribute Details
Date of Birth January 28, 1953
Age 71 years
Birthplace Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nationality American
Partner Barry Diller (since 2000)
Occupation Businessman, Entrepreneur
Net Worth Approximately $400 million

Robert Benevides’s Bio/Wiki

Robert Benevides had an auspicious start to life given his birthplace of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, during his early 20s he left his homeland to pursue an MBA at a prominent American business school.

Upon graduating in the late 1970s, Robert first cut his teeth working as a consultant focused on media and technology companies. This experience gave him unique insight into burgeoning industries like cable television and the nascent internet.

By 1984, Robert felt ready to launch his own private equity fund called Benev Capital. He had raised sufficient capital from investors to start financing purchases of promising media production and distribution outfits.

Over the next fifteen years, Benev Capital’s investments enabled the rapid growth of companies like Univision, AMC Networks. and Liberty Media. As these holdings grew mightily in value during the 90s economic boom, so did Robert’s fortune and reputation.

It was in 1994 that Robert would have his first fateful encounter with billionaire Barry Diller, the former CEO of Paramount Pictures turned internet and media investment guru. The two reportedly met during a panel discussion at an annual media conference. They apparently hit it off and had much in common as savvy investors constantly scouring the markets for the next big thing.

However, it wasn’t until 2000 that sparks between Robert and Barry would truly fly. After his separation that year from fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg, Diller was suddenly single again with a net worth hovering around $5 billion. Robert had recently ended a long-term relationship as well. According to friends of the couple, Robert and Barry bonded over feeling jaded about romance. But they soon found inspiration again in each other’s company and before year’s end had become domestic partners.

Over the twenty-plus years since, Robert Benevides and Barry Diller have forged one of the most successful business and romantic partnerships around. But there is no denying a large portion of Robert’s immense personal wealth stems from his own business acumen,oice timing and investments via Benev Capital.

Robert Benevides’s Career

After establishing Benev Capital in 1984, Robert wasted no time putting investor capital to work purchasing promising media and internet firms in their infancy.

Some standouts in Benev Capital’s portfolio over the years:

  • Univision – When Robert acquired an ownership stake in 1992, this Spanish-language broadcaster was regional. Under Robert’s financing and guidance over the next decade it grew into a media powerhouse with national reach. In 2007, private equity groups purchased Univision valuing the firm at $12 billion. The huge return from Benev Capital’s early strategic investment funded many future deals.
  • Home Shopping Network – Robert was one of the first major investors in this fledgling shopping channel during 1987, enabling its nationwide expansion. When Barry Diller assumed control of HSN in 1996 the value of Benev Capital’s stake multiplied significantly over a short period as the brand grew internationally and into internet merchandise sales.

In addition to his own private equity activities, Robert serves as a board member for Barry Diller’s companies – IAC and Expedia Group. His extensive connections and investing experience in technology and media continue to provide savvy guidance to help these conglomerates expand.

For all his brilliance in building companies and nurturing management talent, Robert is also a dedicated philanthropist. His avoidance of the spotlight extends to his charity work as well, with his name absent from many of the endowments and non-profit endeavors he generously supports. Environmental conservation, education and the arts are among his favored causes for giving back.

Robert Benevides Net Worth

  • Current net worth: Approximately $400 million
  • Primary source of wealth is the investment returns from his over-35 years owning/operating Benev Capital private equity fund
  • Also possesses minority ownership stakes in partner Barry Diller’s companies – IAC and Expedia Group
  • Homes in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Rio de Janeiro

Despite crossing into billionaire territory when accounting for collective household wealth with partner Barry Diller, Robert continues living and running Benev Capital somewhat modestly – at least by billionaire standards. He reportedly still logs long hours seeking out promising investment opportunities while passing on deal-making authority to his sons as they too have risen through the ranks. This speaks to his passion for not only accruing more wealth, but also leaving a legacy.

Robert Benevides personal life and relationship

Robert Benevides personal life and relationship

Details of Robert’s personal affairs and relationship with Barry Diller remain scant, as both intensely value their privacy. But a few close confidents have spoken to media over the years providing some insight.

The seeds of their future romance likely first sprouted during that 1994 meet-cute at a media conference. However, they were both involved in other long term relationships during this period. After separately exiting those relationships, Robert and Barry’s friendship accelerated into full-fledged domestic partnership in 2000 as new singles again.

Neither has showed much interest in formalizing the arrangement further through legal marriage. The couple splits time primarily between homes in Los Angeles, New York and Barry’s $200 million superyacht The Eos. They are family-focused when together, often welcoming their combined six kids and seven grandchildren – especially for holidays.

Fiercely protective of their privacy, Barry and Robert keep paparazzi firmly at bay. Close family friends confirm that in their two decades as partners they remain just as supportive, affectionate and inspired by each other – both personally and professionally – as during the relationship’s early days. There seems no imminent threat to the enduring power couple partnership Robert Benevides and Barry Diller have forged.

Robert Benevides’s Height, Weight

Physical descriptors of the media tycoon:

  • Height: 6 feet 1 inches or 185 cm
  • Weight: Approximately 190 pounds or 85 kg
  • Fit for his age thanks to regular tennis, hiking and strength training

Social Media Appearance

Unlike many high-powered celebrities today leveraging Instagram and Twitter to carefully curate their personal public image, Robert Benevides shuns social media altogether:

  • No known personal Twitter, Instagram Facebook or other social media accounts
  • Partner Barry Diller also avoids social media presence
  • Both place high value on privacy in their personal lives

Interesting Facts About Robert Benevide

  • Fluent in four languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French
  • Avid modern art collector – owns pieces by Warhol, Picasso, Basquiat and other prominent artists
  • Friends describe him as charming, generous and humble despite amassed fortune
  • Enjoys regular tennis, hiking, reading literature during spare time
  • Generous supporter of environmental conservation groups and progressive political candidates

Robert Benevides indeed leads an extraordinarily private life for someone in the orbit of fame via partnership with one of Hollywood’s biggest power brokers in Barry Diller. But Benevides himself couldn’t care less about fame. He maintains focus squarely on his business interests while striving for as normal a personal life as possible despite his immense wealth.
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