How to Change Buddies in Monster Hunter Rise?

Did you know that the Buddy System in Monster Hunter Rise allows players to team up with powerful companions to enhance their hunting experience? In this article, we will explore the process of changing buddies in the game, providing you with insightful tips and strategies. From unlocking new buddy options to customizing their appearance and gear, we will guide you through the steps to optimize your hunting prowess. Join us as we delve into the realm of Monster Hunter Rise and maximize your synergy with different buddy combinations.

Key Takeaways

  • Players can recruit new buddies in Monster Hunter Rise by completing specific quests and meeting certain criteria.
  • Different buddy species, such as Palicoes, Palamutes, Shaka, Gajalaka, and Wulg, offer unique abilities and strengths.
  • Unlocking special buddy skills through leveling up abilities enhances the overall hunting experience.
  • Each buddy type, whether it’s Palicos, Canynes, Palamutes, or Tailraiders, provides different advantages that enhance hunting capabilities.

Understanding the Buddy System in Monster Hunter Rise

The intricacies of the Buddy System in Monster Hunter Rise greatly impact the player’s overall strategy and success in the game. Understanding the buddy training methods and the benefits of buddy support is crucial for hunters looking to maximize their potential. In Monster Hunter Rise, players can choose from a variety of companion options, including Palicoes and Palamutes, each with their unique abilities and strengths. Buddy training methods involve leveling up and improving their skills through quests and interactions. These companions provide valuable support during hunts, such as healing, distracting monsters, or even dealing damage. The benefits of buddy support include increased survivability, better resource gathering, and additional damage output. By utilizing the Buddy System effectively, players can enhance their hunting experience and achieve greater success in the game. Now, let’s explore how to unlock new buddy options in Monster Hunter Rise.

Unlocking New Buddy Options in the Game

Unlocking New Buddy Options in the Game

Unlocking new buddy options in the game of Monster Hunter Rise is an exciting way to enhance your gameplay experience. By completing specific quests and meeting certain criteria, players can recruit new buddies to join their team. These buddies offer unique abilities and skills that can be advantageous in various situations, allowing players to strategize and adapt their approach to different hunts.

Buddy Recruitment Methods

Several effective buddy recruitment methods are available in Monster Hunter Rise for players to expand their roster of companions. By utilizing these methods, players can recruit different species of buddies, each with their own unique abilities and benefits. The buddy recruitment process involves completing specific quests, interacting with NPCs, and exploring different locations in the game.

To help players understand the benefits of different buddy species, the following table provides a comparison of their characteristics:

Buddy Species Benefits
Palico Excellent support skills, healing abilities, and can use gadgets to assist in combat.
Palamute Fast and agile, can be ridden by the player, and provide additional mobility in battles.
Shaka Native to the Shrine Ruins, possess unique skills such as camouflage and gathering resources.
Gajalaka Skilled in stealth and gathering, can provide rare resources and assist in setting traps for monsters.
Wulg Agile and can inflict status effects on monsters, making them vulnerable to attacks.

Unlocking Special Buddy Skills

Players can unlock new buddy options in Monster Hunter Rise by discovering and mastering special buddy skills. These skills allow players to customize the abilities and attributes of their buddies, making them more effective in combat and exploration. To unlock special buddy skills, players must first level up their buddies’ abilities by using them in hunts and completing quests. As buddies gain experience, they will earn skill points that can be allocated towards unlocking new abilities. These abilities can range from increased attack power and defense, to unique support skills such as healing or status ailment resistance. By investing time and effort into leveling up buddy abilities, players can create a formidable team of companions that complement their own playstyle and enhance their overall hunting experience.

Advantages of Different Buddies

Each buddy option in Monster Hunter Rise offers unique advantages, allowing players to strategically choose between diverse companions that can enhance their hunting capabilities. The benefits of buddy customization are numerous and can greatly impact a player’s gameplay experience. Here are four key advantages of different buddy types:

  1. Combat Support: Palicos are adept at combat, providing valuable assistance in battles with their claws and gadgets. They can distract monsters, heal allies, and even set traps.
  2. Resource Gathering: Canynes excel at gathering resources, such as herbs and mushrooms, which are essential for crafting potions and other items. They can also track monsters and provide valuable information.
  3. Mounting Assistance: Palamutes are excellent companions for mounting monsters. They can dash swiftly across the battlefield, allowing players to perform powerful attacks while mounted.
  4. Tailraider Unity: Tailraiders are unique companions that can be recruited from different regions. They possess special abilities and can provide extra support during hunts.

How to Recruit a New Palico in Monster Hunter Rise

How to Recruit a New Palico in Monster Hunter Rise

To recruit a new Palico in Monster Hunter Rise, players need to visit the Buddy Plaza in Kamura Village. Inside the Buddy Plaza, there is a Palico Board where players can find new companions. By interacting with the Palico Board, players can choose from a variety of Palicoes, each with their own unique skills and abilities, and recruit them to join their hunting party.

Palico Recruitment Process

During the Palico recruitment process in Monster Hunter Rise, hunters can explore various villages to find potential feline companions. These villages are filled with bustling markets, lively NPCs, and hidden nooks where Palicos can be discovered. The recruitment quests for Palicos are diverse and engaging, allowing players to test their skills and strategize their approach. Each Palico has unique abilities that can greatly assist the hunter in their quests. From healing and support abilities to offensive and defensive skills, the Palicos bring a wide range of options to the table. By completing recruitment quests, hunters can unlock new Palicos with different abilities, giving them the opportunity to customize their team and enhance their hunting experience. Whether you prefer a Palico that excels in combat or one that focuses on support, the recruitment process offers something for every player seeking to strengthen their hunting party.

Finding New Companions

In the vast world of Monster Hunter Rise, hunters can encounter a multitude of unique Palicos, each offering a distinct set of skills and abilities to bolster their party. However, as hunters progress in their journey, they may find the need to change their companions to better suit their playstyle or tackle specific challenges. To do this, hunters can utilize the buddy training techniques available in the game. These techniques allow hunters to strengthen the bond with their Palicos and unlock new abilities and skills. By spending time training with their Palicos, hunters can improve their companions’ stats, teach them new moves, and even change their equipment. This not only enhances the hunting experience but also provides hunters with a sense of attachment and belonging as they work together with their trusted Palicos to overcome the toughest of foes.

Customizing Your Palico

Hunters can personalize their Palico’s appearance and abilities by selecting from a variety of customization options, such as changing their armor, weapon, and skills, allowing for a truly unique companion. Customizing palico abilities is an essential part of optimizing their performance in hunts. Here are four key ways to customize your Palico:

  • Armor: Choose different armor sets to enhance your Palico’s defense and resistances.
  • Weapon: Equip your Palico with various weapons, such as swords or hammers, to suit different playstyles.
  • Skills: Train your Palico in specific skills, such as healing or trapping, to complement your hunting strategies.
  • Gadgets: Unlock and upgrade unique gadgets that provide additional support during hunts, like the Vigorwasp Spray or the Coral Orchestra.

Exploring the Unique Abilities of the Palamute

The Palamute’s unparalleled tracking skills make it an invaluable asset for navigating treacherous terrains in Monster Hunter Rise. These canine companions possess a keen sense of smell and can detect hidden monsters or resources, aiding hunters in their quests. Palamutes not only excel in tracking, but they also have impressive combat abilities. They can engage in battles alongside their hunters, dealing damage and providing support. By utilizing Palamute skills such as the “Palamute Rally” attack, which allows the Palamute and the hunter to perform a powerful combo, players can maximize their effectiveness in combat. Additionally, the Palamute can be customized in terms of appearance and gear, allowing players to personalize their furry companion to fit their style. This customization further enhances the bond between hunter and Palamute, creating a unique and immersive experience in Monster Hunter Rise.

Customizing Your Buddy’s Appearance and Gear

Customizing your buddy’s appearance and gear is an essential aspect of enhancing their performance in Monster Hunter Rise. By selecting different fashion choices, such as outfits and accessories, players can give their buddy a unique and personalized look. Additionally, upgrading their gear with new weapons and armor not only improves their stats but also enables them to tackle tougher challenges alongside you.

Buddy Fashion Choices

When considering outfit options for your buddy, it’s important to take into account both the aesthetics and functionality of the chosen attire. Buddy fashion trends in Monster Hunter Rise have been a hot topic among players, with everyone looking to dress their companions in the most stylish and popular outfits. Here are some popular buddy outfits that have been making waves in the community:

  • The “Hunter’s Pride” set: This sleek and modern outfit gives your buddy a fierce and powerful look, perfect for those who want their companions to exude confidence on the battlefield.
  • The “Nature’s Guardian” set: This nature-inspired outfit features earthy tones and intricate designs, allowing your buddy to blend seamlessly with the environment while still maintaining a sense of style.
  • The “Elegant Emissary” set: With its sophisticated and regal appearance, this outfit is a favorite among players who want their buddies to look refined and elegant during hunts.
  • The “Frostbite Fury” set: This icy-themed outfit is perfect for those who want to give their buddies a cool and fierce appearance, with its frosty accents and sharp details.

Gear Upgrades for Buddies

Enhancing your buddy’s performance on hunts can be achieved through strategic gear upgrades, optimizing their abilities, and ensuring their efficiency in combat. In Monster Hunter Rise, there are several gear upgrade options available for your buddies, such as armor and weapons. These upgrades can significantly increase their attack power, defense, and overall effectiveness in battle. Additionally, training methods can be employed to improve their skills and abilities. This includes regular practice sessions, utilizing different training facilities, and participating in specialized training quests. By investing time and resources into these gear upgrades and training methods, hunters can maximize the potential of their buddies and create a powerful and reliable team. So, don’t overlook the importance of enhancing your buddy’s gear and training them effectively to ensure success in your hunts.

Switching Buddies: A Step-by-Step Guide

To successfully switch buddies in Monster Hunter Rise, players must follow a step-by-step guide that outlines the process in detail. Buddy switching benefits players by allowing them to optimize their buddy loadouts and bring different companions based on their hunting needs. Here is a guide on how to switch buddies in the game:

  • Access the main menu and navigate to the “Buddies” tab.
  • Select the “Manage Buddies” option.
  • Choose the buddy you want to switch out and press the corresponding button to remove them from your roster.
  • Scroll through the available buddies and select the one you want to add to your team.

Maximizing Synergy With Different Buddy Combinations

A key aspect of optimizing hunting in Monster Hunter Rise involves strategically pairing different buddies to maximize synergy and capitalize on their unique abilities and strengths. Buddy bonding strategies can greatly enhance the hunting experience by providing additional support and utility during quests. When selecting buddies, it is important to consider their individual skills and how they complement the player’s playstyle. For example, a Palico with healing abilities can be paired with a healing-oriented Palamute to create a well-rounded support team. Additionally, optimizing buddy loadouts involves equipping them with appropriate gear and skills to enhance their effectiveness in combat. This can include providing them with weapons and armor that grant special abilities or elemental damage. By carefully selecting and equipping buddies, hunters can create a cohesive and powerful hunting party that excels in various situations.

Tips for Bonding With Your New Buddy

Several practical tips can help hunters foster a strong bond with their new buddy in Monster Hunter Rise. Building trust and developing a strong relationship with your buddy is essential for successful hunts. Here are some bonding techniques to consider:

  • Spend quality time together: Take your buddy on hunts, complete quests, and participate in training exercises together.
  • Communicate effectively: Use gestures, commands, and signals to convey your intentions and coordinate actions with your buddy.
  • Provide care and attention: Regularly feed, groom, and heal your buddy to show that you care for their well-being.
  • Reward good behavior: Praise and reward your buddy when they perform well in battles or complete tasks successfully.

Mastering the Art of Buddy Switching in Monster Hunter Rise

Hunters can enhance their gameplay by seamlessly switching between buddies in Monster Hunter Rise, allowing for greater versatility and strategic advantages. Buddy swapping strategies are essential for optimizing buddy loadouts and maximizing the effectiveness of different companions in various situations. By swapping buddies, hunters can adapt to different monsters, exploit elemental weaknesses, and diversify their skills and abilities.

To illustrate the potential of buddy swapping, consider the following table showcasing four different buddies and their unique attributes:

Buddy Type Special Ability
Palico Support Healing and buffs
Palamute Attack Increased mobility
Shaka-laka Utility Traps and gadgets
Gajalaka Defense Tanking and guarding

By strategically swapping between these buddies, hunters can optimize their loadouts and create dynamic combinations that complement their playstyle. For example, switching to a Palico for healing and buffs during intense battles or using a Palamute for increased mobility during pursuit.

Mastering the art of buddy switching in Monster Hunter Rise is crucial for hunters looking to achieve greater success and overcome challenging hunts. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each buddy and employing effective strategies, hunters can maximize their hunting potential and conquer even the most formidable monsters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Changing Buddies in the Game

Players often wonder how to efficiently change buddies in the game, and whether it affects their progress or gameplay experience. Here are some frequently asked questions about changing buddies in Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Can I change my buddy’s training methods?

Yes, you have the option to change your buddy’s training methods at any time. This allows you to customize their skills and abilities according to your playstyle.

  • Are there any limitations to changing buddies?

No, there are no limitations to changing buddies. You can freely switch between different buddies depending on the situation or your preferences.

  • How does changing buddies affect my progress?

Changing buddies does not affect your progress in the game. Your progress is tied to your character, and swapping buddies will not impact your overall progression or story completion.

  • Can buddies communicate with each other?

Yes, buddy communication techniques are available in the game. You can use gestures and commands to communicate with your buddies and coordinate strategies during hunts.

Overall, changing buddies in Monster Hunter Rise is a flexible and customizable feature that allows players to adapt their gameplay experience to their liking. With the option to change training methods and communicate with buddies, players can enhance their hunting strategies and feel a sense of belonging within their hunting party.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Have Multiple Buddies at the Same Time in Monster Hunter Rise?

Yes, players can have multiple buddies at the same time in Monster Hunter Rise. This allows for various advantages such as diversifying strategies, optimizing buddy combinations, and enhancing overall gameplay experience.

Are There Any Restrictions or Limitations When Switching Buddies?

When considering the restrictions or limitations of switching buddies in Monster Hunter Rise, it is important to optimize their skills and abilities to enhance your gameplay experience. Understanding the impact of changing buddies can greatly contribute to a successful hunting strategy.

Will My Buddy’s Level and Gear Transfer Over When I Switch to a New One?

When changing buddies in Monster Hunter Rise, it is important to note that your current buddy’s level and gear will not transfer over. However, you can level up your new buddy quickly by participating in quests and providing them with appropriate gear. Additionally, you can switch back to your old buddy later on if desired.

Can I Switch Between Different Types of Buddies, Like Palico and Palamute?

Yes, in Monster Hunter Rise, you can customize your buddy’s appearance and equipment. Additionally, you have the option to use both a Palico and a Palamute in the same hunt, allowing for a diverse and strategic gameplay experience.

Is There a Cooldown or Time Limit for Switching Buddies?

There is no cooldown or time limit for switching buddies in Monster Hunter Rise. However, it is important to consider the pros and cons of switching frequently and to maximize the effectiveness of each buddy type for optimal gameplay.


In conclusion, Monster Hunter Rise offers players the opportunity to change and customize their buddies, providing a dynamic and enjoyable gameplay experience. By understanding the buddy system, unlocking new options, and utilizing different combinations, players can maximize synergy and bond with their companions. With the ability to switch between buddies, players can adapt their strategies and enhance their hunting prowess. Overall, mastering the art of buddy switching adds depth and excitement to the game.

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