How Much Is Hunting License In Ohio?

The cost of hunting licenses in Ohio is a topic of interest for many individuals seeking to engage in this recreational activity. This article aims to provide an informative and detailed overview of the various license options available, along with their associated costs. By adhering to an academic style of writing that is objective and impersonal, this article seeks to present accurate information without personal bias or subjective opinions. The following sections will outline the fees for Ohio resident, non-resident, and youth hunting licenses, as well as additional permits and stamps required. Furthermore, guidance on where to purchase these licenses within Ohio will be provided for the convenience of prospective hunters.

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of hunting licenses in Ohio varies based on the license type and duration.
  • Ohio offers annual and multi-year licenses for residents, while non-residents can obtain shorter duration licenses such as one-day or three-day permits.
  • Ohio resident hunting license fees range from $19 to $43, depending on the type of license and age of the applicant. Separate fees apply for specific hunting activities.
  • Non-resident hunting license fees in Ohio range from $10 for a youth hunting license to $125 for an annual non-resident hunting license.

License Options and Costs

The cost of hunting licenses in Ohio varies depending on the license type and duration. Ohio offers a range of license options to cater to different hunting needs. For residents, there are both annual and multi-year licenses available, allowing hunters to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities for an extended period.

The prices for these licenses may differ based on factors such as age or disability status. Additionally, non-residents visiting Ohio can also obtain hunting licenses for shorter durations, such as one-day or three-day permits. These flexible options not only accommodate the diverse needs of hunters but also ensure that individuals can participate in the sport without facing excessive financial burdens. Moving forward, let us explore the fees associated with Ohio resident hunting licenses.

Ohio Resident Hunting License Fees

Ohio Resident Hunting License Fees

Resident hunting license fees in Ohio vary depending on the type of license and age of the applicant. Ohio offers several types of resident hunting licenses, including a youth combination license for individuals aged 17 and under, a senior combination license for those aged 66 and older, and an adult combination license for individuals between the ages of 18 and 65.

The fees for these licenses range from $19 to $43. Additionally, there are separate fees for specific hunting activities such as deer or turkey hunting. It is important for residents to carefully review the fee structure to ensure they choose the appropriate license that aligns with their intended activities. With this understanding of resident hunting license fees in Ohio, it is worth exploring how non-residents are charged for obtaining hunting licenses in the state.

Non-Resident Hunting License Fees

Non-residents seeking to obtain hunting licenses in Ohio are subject to a separate fee structure based on their intended activities and age group. The fees for non-resident hunting licenses vary depending on the type of license and the duration of validity. Here is an overview of the current fee structure for non-resident hunting licenses in Ohio:

  1. Annual Non-Resident Hunting License: $125
  2. One-Day Non-Resident Hunting License: $40
  3. Non-Resident Youth Hunting License (ages 17 and under): $10
  4. Non-Resident Apprentice Hunting License: $40

It is important for non-residents to carefully consider their intended activities and choose the appropriate license accordingly. Whether you are planning a short hunting trip or looking to engage in regular hunting activities, Ohio offers various options to accommodate your needs. By obtaining a non-resident hunting license, you can join the vibrant community of hunters in Ohio while contributing to wildlife conservation efforts and enjoying the thrill of the hunt in this beautiful state.

Youth Hunting License Fees

Youth Hunting License Fees

Based on the age group, there are specific fees associated with obtaining a hunting license for individuals under the age of 18. The state of Ohio offers reduced hunting license fees for youth hunters to encourage their participation in outdoor activities and foster a sense of belonging within the hunting community.

As of 2021, the cost of a youth hunting license is $10 for residents and $40 for non-residents. This fee covers both small game and deer hunting privileges. It is important to note that additional permits may be required depending on the specific type of game being hunted. By providing affordable options for young hunters, Ohio aims to promote conservation efforts while ensuring that future generations have opportunities to engage in this time-honored tradition.

Additional Permits and Stamps

To participate in certain types of hunting activities, individuals may be required to obtain additional permits and stamps. These permits and stamps serve various purposes, such as ensuring the conservation of wildlife populations, managing specific hunting areas, or funding conservation efforts. Here are four common types of additional permits and stamps that hunters might need:

  1. Habitat Stamps: These stamps help fund the acquisition and maintenance of wildlife habitats. The revenue generated from habitat stamp sales is crucial for conserving natural areas where many species thrive.
  2. Duck Stamps: Required by federal law for waterfowl hunting, duck stamps support wetland conservation projects across the country. They not only provide essential funds for habitat preservation but also serve as a symbol of commitment to preserving waterfowl populations.
  3. Deer Permits: Different states have varying regulations regarding deer hunting permits. These permits often aim to manage deer populations effectively and sustainably while promoting ethical hunting practices.
  4. Turkey Tags: Similar to deer permits, turkey tags are necessary for hunters targeting wild turkeys during designated seasons. These tags aid in monitoring turkey populations while providing opportunities for responsible hunting experiences.

Where to Purchase Hunting Licenses in Ohio?

Where to Purchase Hunting Licenses in Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, individuals can obtain hunting licenses from a variety of authorized vendors. These vendors include license agents, such as sporting goods stores and bait shops, as well as online platforms provided by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). The availability of multiple options makes it convenient for hunters to purchase their licenses.

This accessibility ensures that all interested individuals have the opportunity to engage in hunting activities and contribute to wildlife conservation efforts. A Hunter getting in shape for a hunt is also an essential aspect of this inclusivity. By offering various purchasing avenues, Ohio caters to a diverse audience of hunters who desire belonging within the hunting community.

Whether one prefers visiting a local store or utilizing online resources, the state’s commitment to providing easy access to hunting licenses reflects its dedication towards fostering inclusivity and promoting responsible outdoor recreation


The cost of a hunting license in Ohio varies depending on the type of license and whether you are a resident or non-resident. Ohio residents can expect to pay $19 for an annual hunting license, while non-residents will pay $125. Youth hunting licenses are available for $10. Additionally, there may be additional fees for specific permits and stamps required for certain types of hunting. Licenses can be purchased online or at authorized vendors throughout Ohio. It is important to note that these fees help support conservation efforts in the state, ensuring the preservation of wildlife habitats and sustainable hunting practices.

One interesting statistic is that in 2020, Ohio sold over 400,000 hunting licenses, generating significant revenue for conservation efforts in the state. This highlights the passion and dedication of hunters in Ohio towards preserving wildlife and their commitment to responsible hunting practices.

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